Ray Thompson

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11/23/13 04:01 PM #1    

Beverly Braun (Connolly)

As a RN at Toledo Hospital I took care of Ray for a short time due to some complications secondary to his being a quadraplegic.  He had been in an automobile accident while attending the University of Toledo that resulted in his quadraplegia.  He met his wife, a nurse who took care of him after his accident.  I know he was working but not where. 

I didn't know him well in school but I know he had a lot of friends and was a bit of a character.


11/28/13 08:09 AM #2    

Jack Curie (Curie)

Ray was a total character in grade school.  He was always "Raymond E. Thompson" and that's how he signed things.  He  was preoccupied with girls long before I ever understood why!   He was always up to something and upbeat.  If you met him once, you remembered him always!  I surely do, and with a smile.

09/14/14 11:27 PM #3    

John Mather

I cannot say what year Ray died but he was probably in his late 30's to early 40's.  For those of you who don't know, as I understood the story, Ray fell asleep behind the wheel returning from visiting his girlfriend at OSU.  His car went off the road, hit a tree, he was thrown out (remember many cars on the road then did not have seat belts) and he hit a tree with his head.  He was thereafter a quadriplegic. 

Ray and I were not friends in high school but when it came to being the class clown I couldn't hold a candle to him.  He sat behind me in Mr. McCollum's class and liked to pull on a chain I had with a religious medal on it.  It was kind of annoying but no great harm intended.  We were both tall and skinny it isn't like he was a bully.  Finally one day he is giving me a good 'choking' (I may have been hamming it up a little) and Mr. McCollum caught him.   End of choking incidents.  I think everyone got a laugh except Mr. McCollum and the class clown, Ray.

He also told me he played in Johnny and the Hurricanes a regional group as I recall and a one hit wonder.  I believed him for a while.  It was all music so it wasn't an issue if Ray could sing or not.

Some may remember when he ran for class treasurer, a spot always held by a girl.  Ray made some disparaging remarks comparing a couple of female U.S. Treasurers and the national deficit.  We all laughed, well maybe not his opponet(s).  Ray won in a landslide as I recall.

The last I only knew of second hand as it was infamous if true.  He supposedly submitted a paper in a class on I believe the Swedish Navy giving great detail in it as to their ships.  He received a good grade I heard.  It was all a fabrication as the alleged navy didn't exist.

Ray and I became friends in our mid-late 20's.  He was married to a nurse and had a son.  I think his sense of humor helped him cope with his condition. I somehow got to know him through a wonderful former girlfiend of mine who had a disability and they had met.  After she became my ex-girlfriend I think Ray and I drifted apart.  It would have been too painful for me to continue to be involved in the disability group (wheelchair sports) she had been in without her. 

John Mather



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