Dan Shinn

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08/14/14 08:44 PM #1    

Sue Benoit (Dufault)

Dan was the first one to take me on a car date the day we graduated. I never was allowed until then. My mom trusted him. He was one of my best friends. I'm sure  he will be greatly missed.  He always looked like such a "hood" but once you got to know him, he wasn't like that at all. He was funny and kinda' shy.we always just had lots of fun talking and laughing. I don't think I ever told anyone my situation at home except him. I hid things from everyone else.


09/14/14 10:52 PM #2    

John Mather

I had no idea Dan Shinn had died until the postings.  I try to remember the good things about people and a little humor helps.  Two stories on Dan.

When I was five years old I lived in a part of the 'old' (old) west end.  Our home was torn down decads ago for renewal.  Anyway, apparently there was this really onoxious kid who lived down on the corner.  I guess I chased him home a couple of times he made me so angry.  Some of this is about me as I can't imagine being that angry at a friend.  Many years later probably my father told me that was Dan Shinn.  Now from what I remember of Dan as a young adult he was a nice, easy going guy who I can't imagine as a fellow five year old would upset me that much.  We had a few laughs over it.

While this may be a cautionary "don't try this at home", it is funny.  When Dan and I had become friends, more so after high school I was at his house one day.  He told me about a dumb kid in the neighborhood who was trying to pry off one of his hubcaps (you remember hubcaps?) with his fingers on the drivers side.  Dan walks around his car, sees the kid who is intent on his attempted theft and whacks the kid on the back of the head with his hand.  Thereby bounceing the little attempted thiefs face off said hubcap.  Junior goes screaming home yelling at Dan he will get his father to shall we say even the score.  Gorilla dad shows up shortly thereafter intent on mayhem.  Dan calmy explains what happens and gorilla dad goes home and imparts a little more punishment.  And "justice" was served.  Maybe with any luck a budding crimnal career was interupted.

John Mather


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